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this reminds me of a video

of an old man beating some skinny punk up for insulting him or something on the bus. I noticed the reference ;) kudos to you Utah good stuff like always you fail to disappoint

i found it great and funny

great stuff but come on guys your pro animators...the last one was a bit tooo much.
I can take the whole thing but had to scroll down the last part.

i liked it

It had humor, action, and was well animated. Good job on that. But if i was give a helpful word it would be this... your animation would be praised even more if it had better voices for characters. If the characters sound more..."more" so to say then I think the animation would be worth a 10/10 and a 5/5 instead of the 9/10 and 4/5 which I have given you.
Overall i think this was a great piece which has a firm place on newgrounds. Hope you make more. :)

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

Yeah i know ... =/ but i just cant change the voice now can i? Thank you for the review dude...tks a lot!

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its alrigh

i think i have a veeerryyy similar game on my nokia. except its 3d. hmm. oh well had some fun with this piece

great music, original - ish, fun to play!

i loved the music, i would give you a 10/10 for the music itself, not to mention the points i would give for the game! great job


gud game but i think it would be better if you slowed down the lines. ignore the people that gave u below a 8 becouse they are complete fools. u made a great game and should be proud of it

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Oh man, mind is blown.
I got a taste of your work from the Neotokyo soundtrack and wow that was some inspiring work. Just watched "Lucky Day Forever", I heard a track there which made me think of Neotokyo. Checked on the artist and its really Ed Harrison! Wow!
Sorry man but im stalking you on here now ^^


this tune is catchy but you took the actual words from the hitman 2 silent assassin game. at least thats where i heard those words before. sounds like you just cut them out from there and made a tune out of it.
o well, no rant from me this is a good piece of work, so thumbs up

anotehr great tune

keep up the great work, heres a smiley from me to you :)


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